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Welcome Parents!

Tender Loving Care

Specialized infant care in a safe, stimulating environment
License #493009455


     Welcome to infant care in the wine country of Sonoma county! I've had the pleasure of caring for children for over 15 years and look forward to meeting your beautiful babe. I provide highly professional, licensed in-home care with a warm touch.

     After caring for children of all ages in my daycare and during my two years as a private nanny, I realized I excel with infants and felt most fulfilled with this age group. On the heels of this realization I found out about the dearth of quality infant care - or even any infant care - available in this area. This solidified my decision to specialize.

     My mission is to provide care which generates the trust necessary for parents to relax at work; secure in the knowledge their child is safe and stimulated in a creative environment conducive to learning. Each baby is unique but they all need love and lots of attention!


Modern Digital Watch

Early Hours

Early 7 a.m. open time allows for a relaxed drop off period and a quiet moment to nurse baby before work. 


Custom Care

Specialized care with your baby in mind. Next best thing to having a private nanny. Custom care means no worries your baby will get lost in the hustle and bustle of toddler play. Infants under three months of age are carried in a body sling whenever possible.



Single level home, centrally located in beautiful Santa Rosa, California. High ceilings, skylights and plenty of large windows provide a bright, sunny, spacious area for your baby to learn and play. Open plan design allows for constant supervision. Back yard is directly off the kitchen with a lovely lawn and rug covered patio.

Extended Care Options

Care Beyond the Usual

Unlike the infant-only Standard Care provided by my day care service, Extended Care covers children of all ages. This is dependable, premium care from a seasoned, licensed professional at your convenience. Whether you're at a wedding, wine tasting or enjoying a well-earned night out with the spouse, your precious one is covered!

Per Diem

For those days when your current provider suddenly calls in sick or is on vacation. Or maybe you just need a day to catch up! 

Service depends on availability.

Working on Computer

Wine Tasting

Need quality care for your little ones while you enjoy the flavors of the Napa and Sonoma wine country? Look no further! This Professional Nanny is here to help. At your hotel or in a private home, your children will have (almost) as good a time as you will! This service available weekends only.

Date Night

You guys work hard all week. Surely you deserve a moment to reconnect! To remember you're not just "Mom" and "Dad" and actual human beings? Not just the "Parental Unit?" This is your invitation to guilt free fun! Service provided in the comfort of your own home. This service available after hours weekdays and weekends.

Rock On

Standard Hours

Monday - Friday
7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. PST

Current Availability

Waitlist Only

After Hours Care

(rev. 11/6/21)


Please fill out this form with your info as an easy way to contact me. Also find me on Yelp*,,,, BBB and Facebook.



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